Child Custody, Adoption, & Juvenile Law



Child Custody: 

The State of Tennessee understands that children need both their parents in their lives, and that is why child custody laws are designed to help the child to continue to feel loved by both parents throughout the child's life. Child custody and visitation is a delicate determination that is made based on the best interest of the child. We can address your child custody concerns during initial determinations in divorce proceedings or in cases where the parents have never been married. We also handle cases in which parents are seeking to have a custody or visitation order modified.


Child Support:

Child support is a consideration not only in divorce proceedings, but also when the parents of a child have never been married. Child support calculations should be recalculated every 3 to 5 years to ensure the support obligation is still accurate, based on the incomes of the mother and father. It is important that you have an attorney at any stage in your child support proceeding, whether you are looking to collect child support or you face a suit for child support arrearages, we can provide you with the legal representation you need.


Adopting a child is serious business. Whether you are the adoptive parent or the biological parent, you need legal representation. An adoption severs all rights from the biological parent and in turn gives all rights over the child to the adoptive parent. 


Raising a child is difficult. No matter how hard you try, sometimes there is trouble. If your child has recently become involuntarily acquainted with law enforcement, your child needs legal representation. We can help you navigate through this difficult experience. 


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